8 ways NextERP can eliminate mismanagement

These eight reasons are just a tip of the iceberg. With NextERP's 18 modules, fast-forward your school into future.

Roll calls? Absent Ma'am! Forever.

On an average, a roll call lasts about ten minutes. There are eight roll calls everyday. Which means almost 300 class hours are lost in roll calls alone in an academic year of 225 days. No wonder some teachers are always short of time to finish the syllabus.

By automating the attendance not only will you save close to 360 periods per academic year, you will also eliminate piles of paperwork from your teachers' lives. Perks of automating attendance in your schools are many, which include:

  • Notifying parents about their child's absence with an SMS
  • Generating attendance summary reports with a few clicks and analyzing trends
  • Send automatic SMS to notify parents about ward's absence
  • Linking attendance to payroll
  • Providing quick substitution for teachers
  • Linking attendance to report cards
  • Integrating attendance with smart cards or biometric devices

Successful Schools Communicate Effectively

Broadcasting important announcements used to be tedious. Writing notes to parents in every student's diary was time-consuming and fallible. Calling every parent was costly. Passing on a simple message to a teacher required you to leave office and find her in the vast corridors of the school. This whole transit made you postpone some messages, only to be lost in the ocean of forgetfulness.

Enter NextERP. A new, easy way to broadcast information and announcements. Using NextERP's communication module, you can save time for important communications that require a more personal touch. For all other things, simply broadcast without leaving your office. For instance,

  • Send parent-teacher meeting invites and announcements to parents via bulk SMS and emails
  • Send multiple messages in just one click
  • Send fee reminders, attendance summaries or report cards to parents
  • Selectively send messages to certain segments
  • Use the "Announcement" feature for urgent communication.

Manage Examinations Without Tears

Organizing and managing examinations almost always sends schools into a frenzy. Examinations, it seems, don't just test students but also schools. How do you choose a schedule agreeable to everyone? Or create balanced question papers that are neither too easy nor too difficult? Or set up a fair evaluation criteria? Not to mention the million other things that make you wish there were processes or tools you could summon every examination season.

Your wish has been fulfilled. NextERP is a perfect examination assistant that instantly brings order to the chaotic world of examinations. Why struggle when you can easily:

  • Predefine and customize evaluation criteria in line with CBSE, IB, ICSE and 24 State Boards
  • Generate results and report cards in minutes
  • Choose from 250+ customizable report card templates
  • Choose from a vast question bank of all national and state school boards
  • Notify parents about child's result via SMS or email
  • Place a print order for report cards

Complex Reports at the Speed of Thought

Reports are a great tool for decision making, if only they weren't time-consuming or took so much of brain processing power. If only!

Well, it's about to change with NextERP. Need comprehensive assessment reports? Click. Need to assess the financial standing of your school? Click. Want to see year-on-year scores or grades of a particular student in a particular subject? Click, click. That's how simple report generation is with NextERP. Generate reports fast. Act on them, superfast. Here's what you can do with NextERP's reporting module:

  • Just input the data and instantly generate reports in all ways imaginable – class-wise, subject-wise, weekly, monthly or annually
  • Discover student or teacher performance trends
  • With data visualizations, quickly find hidden information and start connecting the dots
  • Track the effectiveness of your strategy by knowing 'where you are' and 'where you should be' on a daily basis.
  • Compare the performance of one school branch with other school branches to quickly discover the underlying causes for underperformance

Fee Hassle? Hassle-free

A progressive school doesn't make busy parents wait in queues at the fee counter. A progressive school sends automatic "fee due" alerts to parents. A progressive school doesn't need to have great financial resources to have a system that automates fee configuration and collection.

NextERP takes the hassle out of fee collection and configuration. Parents can pay from the comfort of their homes or offices through a secure payment gateway. Administrators can easily set up fee structures for different groups by configuring concessions, waivers or scholarships. To the joy of accountants, the payments received are instantly reflected in the system. There are other compelling benefits of automating fee collection with NextERP, such as:

  • Provide secure online payment options – through debit cards, credit cards and net banking facility
  • Generate automated receipts, making human error history. Parents can easily access and download receipts from their dashboards
  • With data visualization options, instantly understand the financial standing of your school
  • Send fee reminders automatically

Make Accounting Fun

With thousands of transactions come thousands of worries. Keeping accountants happy is in the best interest of your school. After all, finance is the lifeblood of any organization, your school included.

With a two-way Tally integration, your accountants can seamlessly move between NextERP and Tally. While Tally remains a champion accounting software, its integration with NextERP brings a host of data visualization tools at the disposal of the accountants. The result: accountants who always know the answers to your school's complex financial problems. NextERP makes accounting fun by:

  • Giving accountants a real-time snapshot of cash transactions, synced with cash flow.
  • Making profit and loss analysis super easy
  • Linking attendance and payroll with accounting module
  • Giving accountants power to customize their dashboards
  • Encouraging analysis and discovery through multidimensional data analyses
  • Providing configuration for alerts if certain events do or do not occur

Pain-free Payroll

Managing payroll is a chronic pain – calculating taxes and benefits, accounting for overtime and day offs and worse of all, late notification of changes requiring you to do it all over again. And, it only gets worse as your school grows.

NextERP helps you take control of payroll. With payroll's seamless integration with accounting and attendance modules, inaccurate paperwork and time consuming manual calculations become things of the past. Here are a few reasons to help you make up your mind about NextERP:

  • Give staff freedom to access and re-print payslips anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple payment options – issue one-time or recurring cheques to your staff
  • Stay on the right side of the law with easy calculations and filing income tax and advance income tax
  • Generate cumulative or individual payslips, Form 16 or investment declaration forms
  • Create error-free salary structures in a few clicks

Never Run Out of Anything

Managing school inventory is a complex affair. Without a proper inventory management system in place, schools keep ordering things they don't need – titration flasks that keep gathering dust or computer machineries that become dinosaurs before they are even used. And the things that are essential for smooth functioning are always in short supply – markers, basketballs and school badges.

NextERP brings retail-like precision to school inventory management. You not only know what assets you have, you also know exactly where they are and when you will run out of them. So, the next time you see kids complaining about a busted basketball, just resume the gameplay. NextERP inventory module allows you to:

  • Track consumption and analyze patterns
  • Link inventory to fee module
  • Facilitate easy transactions by helping parents buy books or uniforms online
  • Handle all your vendors on a centralized module
  • Accurately plan and allocate budget for new furniture, computer systems or anything under the sun

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