18 Modules to Simplify School Management

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Letter Generation


Automate the admission process entirely.

Streamline your admission process by using customized and pre-defined admission criteria like cut-off marks for admission tests/interviews. Everything from admission requests and follow-ups to admission tests and enrolment can be tracked in real time.

You can document complete admission data for future reference, view comprehensive admission summaries for each academic year and analyze the admission trends of your school.


With two-way Tally integration, accountants become accounting superheroes

NextERP enables you to seamlessly integrate your accounting platform with Tally.

Efficiently register and monitor all your financial transactions, generate detailed financial reports, and gain insights into optimizing expenses and improving your school's profitability with ease.

Automate all financial calculations, reduce time spent on managing accounting books and eliminate human errors. Effortlessly view billing entries, cash flow statements and sales and profit analysis, that too, in real time.


Never have a communication

Take better control of all internal and external communication in your school. Keep your teaching and non-teaching staff, students and parents updated on important announcements. Engage parents more actively in school activities and increase their level of participation through regular e-mailers.

Send automated email and SMS alerts about parent credentials, absent message, monthly attendance report and monthly attendance percentage. You can also intimate parents about the due fees and provide links to make timely payment.

Have at your fingertips necessary contact details and save precious time in an emergency.


Ensure safety
till they
reach home

Access real-time GPS data and ensure enhanced security and safety of your students and staff during transit. Easily add new routes to the system without disrupting the old ones. Calculate transportation fees accurately by checking the length of every route.

Stay well aware of the present condition of school vehicles, transport fuel log and reduce unnecessary transport-related expenses.


Bring retail-like
precision into
school inventory

NextERP enables you to enhance operational efficiency, strengthen inventory control and stay updated about all inventory items and their present status.

Keep track of all the items assigned and bring more transparency to inventory reporting. Reduce the occurrence of inventory loss. Say no to unnecessary expenses.

Analyze the utilization rate of facilities/services available on your school premises and manage the campus better.


Make payroll
pains a thing
of the past

NextERP helps you maximize the potential of your account and payroll professionals. Generate bulk salaries, save time and reduce errors.

Manage applicable allowance/deduction without any hassle. Thanks to advanced TDS features, TDS calculation is no more stressful.

Create cumulative, graphical and personal pay slips. Easily make necessary adjustments in the salary structure in case of increments. Prepare a ready-to-use accounting calendar and streamline all accounting activities.


Access staff details. Anytime, anywhere

With NextERP, add 'peace of mind' to your staff management process. Put an end to maintaining cumbersome staff databases. Get all details of your teaching and non-teaching staff at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Allocate and monitor all activities in a seamless manner. Accelerate day-to-day activities in your school.

Conveniently upload and download important documents in bulk. Generate staff without any hassle. Bring more transparency to your school's HR process.


Better forecasts,
better budgets

Ensure better spend management with NextERP and manage your school's budget efficiently.

Create and update a ready-to-use database of suppliers. Track the procurement of various products and suppliers' details, that too, on a regular basis.

Manage and monitor both income and expense accounts. Get a better understanding of your school's spending trends.


Forget roll-calls,
once and for all

Track the daily attendance of your staff and students. Efficiently maintain attendance records and generate day-wise attendance reports. Mark student attendance quickly and allow teachers to focus on conducting class lessons. Notify parents about students' absence through automatic SMS and email alerts.

NextERP allows you to integrate your attendance system with external applications like smart cards and biometric devices to simplify your attendance process.


No more days wasted, before or after exams

Enter pre-defined examination structure and marking scheme and generate automatic results and reports on a single click. Customize your evaluation parameters as per CGPA, CWA and CCE formats.

Assess students on both scholastic and co-scholastic parameters. Evaluate subject teachers' performance based on subject-wise results. Notify students and parents about results via automatic SMS.

Set your staff free from the clerical task of making report cards. Choose from a wide range of report card templates which are compatible with the templates of CBSE, ICSE & State Boards.


Let objectivity
drive your decisions

Judge the effectiveness of your teaching practices and school policies by looking at students' feedback. Customize the feedback form as per your individual needs, specify the period of assessment and generate cumulative feedback scores. Obtain feedback for each teacher. Evaluate and rank teachers on the basis of their feedback scores.

Front Office

Eliminate piles of paperwork

Streamline and systemize front-office operations like visitors' registration and petty cash management. Organize contacts and appointments. Track and manage visitors. Document the enquiries made and assess the promptness of the follow-up process. Provide need– based assistance to visitors.

You can generate automatic receipts for packages delivered at the front desk. Maintain detailed records of all couriers and dispatches. Be in complete control of petty cash transactions.


Make leave planning democratic and easy

Simplify and expedite the leave application and approval process. View complete detail of the number and type of leaves taken by staff. Automatically approve leaves on the basis of applicant's eligibility and leave availability.

View list of pre–planned leaves applied by teachers and accordingly arrange for substitute teachers. Keep track of compensatory leaves taken by staff and teachers. Analyse the patterns and trends in staff absenteeism.


Make fast, error-free transactions

With NextERP, take stress out of cash and check management process. Add cheque, credit card, cash and other expenses in a few clicks. Spend only a few minutes to deposit or transfer cash.

NextERP makes journal entry hassle–free too. Submit necessary details in a predefined template and it is good to go. If you want to add new rows to the template, just click on the 'Add New Row' buttons and nothing else.

External Device Integration

Smart cards or gps - pain-free integration

Integrate various external devices into NextERP and achieve the best possible standards in daily work. Use biometric devices or smart cards and save the time spent on the attendance process.

Thanks to GPS data, track every school bus in real time. Ensure better security for students. Manage your transportation service better. Reduce unnecessary fuel expenses.

Integrate Tally easily into the school ERP. Streamline and simplify all accounting and finance activities.

Fee Collection

Collecting fee was
never this easy

Segregate all the fees under various categories and streamline the fee collection process. Track all the details pertaining to various fees, such as tuition, admission, book, and lab. Stay updated about students' fee status.

Thanks to the Fee Discount and Scholarship List features, calculating fees is as easy as never before. No more manual work! Make the fee collection process hassle–free and less tiring.


Add "tech" to your
library operations

NextERP enables you to effortlessly integrate your library module with barcode systems.

Efficiently manage your library catalogue and track all books–related transactions. Maintain a detailed and easily accessible list of library books in Excel file. Generate automated date– wise book issue, return and overdue reports. Reduce errors due to manual verification and registration of books.

You can browse the library, view detailed list of books and reserve books, that too, from home. View book reservation or renewal requests in real time and approve or reject.

Letter Generation

Single-click transfer
letter generation

Speed–up the process of issuing transfer certificates and other important letters to staff and students. Customize transfer certificates as per students' needs. Generate automatic letters. Document complete student and staff details, including names, previous schools/organizations and blood groups, and issue individual identity cards.


Keep students' data handy, at all times

Control and manage all student–related information. Easily access and update complete student list, medical records and disciplinary remarks. Track assignments completed and grades received by students. Maintain and view student calendars containing important information such as counselling schedules and holidays.

View comprehensive performance reports for each student. Analyse individual performances on the basis of historical performance data.

Maintain a detailed record of former and transferred students. View fees paid/due for each student.


Easily modify timetables to suit your needs

Simplify the creation and management of daily and weekly timetables for classes and teachers. Check availability of teachers while creating timetables. Utilize the teaching resources completely. Make real–time changes in timetables. Be updated with the changes in timetables.

Check the availability of each teacher and accordingly allot a substitute class, if the need arises. You can generate automatic SMS alerts to substitute teachers to inform them about class substitution.


Automate all aspects of hostel management

With NextERP, manage day–to–day activities in your hostel efficiently. Keep track of all rooms and floors and their present conditions. Easily add information about new room/bed to the present datasheet. Stay well aware of all room allocation requests.

Monitor all hostel assets and resources on a regular basis. Maintain a hostel calendar to plan various events better.

With the Pocket Expenses feature, easily track all the expenses.

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