Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently answered questions about NextERP – India's Best Emerging School ERP

– Digital Edge ICT Conclave on Education 2014

  • How secure is my school's data at NextERP?

    Your school's data is as secure as your details in the bank. NextERP's data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, where 800 government agencies, 3000 educational institutions and 10,000 non-profit organizations are currently hosting their data. Also, the data is sent over an HTTPS connection with the industry gold standard 256-bit encryption. We also have firewalls enabled for both hardware and software, and data masking – which means even our employees can't access your school's data.

  • Where will my school's data be hosted?

    Your data will be stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the largest and most secure cloud computing platforms in the world today.

  • Who will be responsible for the backup of my school's data?

    Thanks to cloud technology, you will enjoy automatic data backup facility. In addition, a differential backup will be taken every four hours, and a complete backup will be taken every night. We also maintain binary logs.

  • What will happen to my school's data if I don't renew the contract with NextERP?

    You can collect all the necessary information from us before your contract ends and download it as an Excel workbook. Our support team will be happy to assist you with that.

  • What are the hardware/software requirements for implementing NextERP?

    As NextERP is a cloud-based school management software, computers with access to the Internet are all you need. At first, we will do a site survey, either during or after the demo, to see whether your school meets the basic requirements for installing NextERP.

  • Can you tell me about the implementation process?

    NextERP prides itself on its implementation process. Once we receive the purchase order from your school, we follow these steps:

    Day 0 – You sign the contract with NextERP.

    Day 3 – You'll receive the welcome SMS and email from NextERP, with your order summary and implementation timelines. The mail will also introduce your Account Manager, with his/her contact details.

    Day 5 – Your Account Manager will send an email containing all data templates to your school. Your school needs to fill necessary data in those templates. We'll also send an SMS to inform your school about the same.

    Day 10 – In case we don't receive your school's data in the said template, we'll send you a reminder.

    Day 15 – We'll upload the data. One of our NextERP's coordinators will work with your school to complete Phase 1 of the training.

    Day 20 – We'll set up your Examination and Fee modules and share it with your school for a User Acceptance Test (UAT).

    Day 25 – We'll also set up other modules and share with your school for User Acceptance Test (UAT).

    Day 30 – Phase 2 of the training process is completed.

    Day 45 – Our Account Manager will visit your school for the first follow-up.

    Day 60 – Our Account Manager will visit your school for the second follow-up, and an implementation completion certificate will be collected from your school.

    Day 90 – Our Account Manager will visit your school for the third follow-up.

  • Will the contract period start immediately after we sign the agreement?

    The contract period will start after only three months from the agreement signing date. All data uploading, trainings, User Acceptance Tests (UATs) will be done in these three months. The contract period will start only after the implementation completion certificate is collected from your school.

  • Will there be any school visits after the training is completed?

    Yes, post implementation, our account manager will visit your school at least three times to oversee the implementation process and suggest whether re-training is required.

  • Do we need to have a dedicated resource to operate NextERP?

    No, we will identify the most tech-savvy staff member/teacher in your school and appoint him/her the ERP coordinator. He/she, along with all end users, will be trained to operate various modules of NextERP. In case of any queries, end users can contact your school's NextERP coordinator and if the coordinator has any queries, he/she can contact us. The NextERP coordinator will be the Single Point of Contact (calling him SPOC only make sense because logic dictates his every move :) ) for anything related to NextERP.

  • Does our entire staff need to undergo NextERP training?

    No, only the concerned stakeholders of every module need to attend the training. For example, when the Fee module is explained, only the staff involved in fee collection will be required to attend the training.

  • Can you tell me about your after-sales services?

    The NextERP coordinator will be in charge of the entire ERP programme, and he/she will be trained extensively to cater to day-to-day activities related to NextERP implementation. He/she will also handle any issues that you may face while using the system. We also have a centralized support system. You can call our toll-free number or send an email to our support team if you need any assistance. Your school will have a dedicated Account Manager who will also visit your school regularly to check if NextERP is being implemented correctly.

  • Can I integrate a biometric device with NextERP?

    Yes, offline integration can be done through the translation of logs. However, if you want online integration, it can only be done with a device with certain specifications. If your school's existing biometric device contains these specifications, we can proceed with the integration.

  • Can parents pay fees online?

    Yes. However, the school needs to tie up with a payment gateway service provider to get a merchant ID. We will then integrate NextERP with the payment gateway service provider.

  • Can we integrate barcode devices with NextERP?

    Yes, you can integrate barcode devices for library transactions, inventory transactions, etc.

  • Can you integrate my SMS service provider with NextERP?

    No, that would require API integration.

  • Can you integrate NextERP with Tally?

    Yes, we can, provided you have a valid license.

  • Can NextERP work offline if there is a connectivity issue?

    NextERP cannot work offline. However, to help you work continuously without any disruptions, we will give you an excel upload option for entries related to fee collection and examination marks. You can also use a dongle as a backup, which will help you use NextERP for critical work in case your primary internet connection fails.

  • What if there is no internet connection at my location. Do you have any options?

    Yes, we have. We have tied up with a Delhi-based company named Hughes which provides seamless internet connectivity via satellite communication on a pan-India basis. We can arrange a connection for you at the best possible price.

  • What is the internet speed required for the smooth functioning of your software?

    It completely depends on the number of concurrent users. Ideally, a 2 Mbps connection is sufficient for 10 concurrent users.

  • How is the online system (Cloud System) better than the offline one?

    Cloud technology has the following benefits:

    • Data can be accessed anytime, anywhere using the Internet. This helps in taking effective decisions without any geographical constraints.
    • Uptime is guaranteed, unlike in the case of an offline system, where your work gets stalled if the server crashes.
    • No investment is required in upgrading servers or buying hardware, antivirus, firewall, etc.
    • No need to buy licenses for database and software used for hosting the application.
    • No need to have a system administrator or air-¬≠conditioned rooms for maintaining servers.
    • Data is more secure online as cloud security is unmatched.
    • Data storage is unlimited.
    • Automatic data backups are taken at regular intervals.
    • Upgradations are done centrally.
  • Do I have to pay anything while placing an order?

    You need to pay a one-time implementation charges while placing an order. The implementation process will be completed within three months. After that, you need to pay the subscription charges.

  • How much do we have to pay after the completion of the three-year contract period?

    The payment after the completion of the three-year contract period depends upon a number of factors like inflation, addition of new modules, resource personnel, data hosting costs, etc.
    Currently, we present a renewal proposal to all our customers at least six months before the expiry of the existing contract. However, if you want to know the contract renewal amount, the minimum price is Rs 30 per student per month (for a minimum of 1000 students).

  • Why should my school choose NextERP?

    You may even get an ERP solution for free. However, the factors that matter the most are scalability, security and reliable after-sales services. NextERP offers you all these, and more, at a very reasonable price. We also give special focus to after-sales services, as we consider each school a unique project.

  • Will SMS pricing be fixed throughout the contract period?

    No, it will depend on TRAI regulations and will vary. We will inform you every time there is a change in the pricing.

  • Many free SMS facilities are available online. Why can't you provide the same?

    Anything free always has limitations. For example, the number of SMSes one can send in a day is limited. Also, there are various security concerns, as publishing parents' mobile numbers in third-party software is not recommended.
    You can trigger automatic SMSes from NextERP but cannot do the same with free SMSes.